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Cunningsburgh School’s primary three and four pupils were treated to a seafood class delivered by author and chair of Shetland Food and Drink, Marian Armitage on Thursday 5 October.

Pupils learned about the key characteristics of a variety of seafood species including megrim, squid, mackerel, and mussels. They were then treated to a cookery demonstration and tasting.

Marian explained to the pupils where the fish had been caught and sourced, the nutritional value, and demonstrated how fresh seafood can be prepared and cooked in a matter of minutes.

Marian said: “The group had been doing a project about food, so they were already well informed. Many also went fishing with their parents and grandparents so knew about fish – but were less familiar with the species that we used in class.

“It is always good to work with an enthusiastic group of children and have the opportunity to demonstrate how easy seafood is to prepare. They were very open to tasting the different species and were particularly fascinated by the squid and its clear transparent cartilage.”