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Lobster fishery expanding – 1960s

Did you know? Lobsters were kept alive in tanks until they could fetch a good price.  Once, there were so many lobsters to store, that Scalloway shop owner, James Watt, had to resort to using the children’s paddling pools along Main Street.


White fish stocks started to recover and fish processing plants were beginning to be established throughout the islands – boosting the local workforce.


The Highland and Island Development Board provided capital for developing fish processing factories. Shetland was then able to compete with factories in Scotland, and start exporting direct to the American market.

Did you know? 1967 was an exceptionally good year for certain North Sea fish stocks – with an unexplained increase in the number of haddock, cod and other fish. This was good news for Shetland and there was considerable investment in boats, processing and equipment.